Grants are offered to contributors or editors who have made outstanding contributions towards any of the SciRes Literature Anybody i.e., researchers, scientist, professors, etc are eligible for the grant/ the requirement is the prominent contribution in any topic of the SciRes Literature Open Access Journal. The grants offered to the outstanding contributors can be used to pay the author's payment. The article charges can be paid from the grant. Also, SciRes Literature organizes events and conferences from world-renowned authors and contributors. You can use your grant offered and acquire special privileges. Travel assistance to attend any of the conferences planned by SciRes.

The grants are offered to candidates based on the selection made by the SciRes Literature Editorial Team. To apply for a grant, please email your Cover Letter and contributions through online. The Cover Letter should be addressed to the Editorial Team of SciRes Literature All applications will be given timely consideration. An application for the grant does not make anyone eligible for the grant. The Decision of the SciRes Literature Editorial Team is the final.

Instructions to submit an online application:

  • Please read the following instructions and eligibility criteria before you proceed.
  • Please keep your Cover Letter in a word or PDF format only. You have to submit this cover letter through online. The cover letter should be attached before you submit an online application.
  • Cover letter should be submitted to the editorial office.