Special Issue Guidelines

Criteria for Special Issue

A Special Issue should consist of 5 Guest Editors and no maximum limit.

A Special Issue should include at least 5 papers apart from 1 free article from Guest Editor.

The length of an article should not exceed 20-25 pages.

Benefits of Guest Editor

The Guest Editor can stay up with the latest while reviewing the articles.

The Guest Editor can coordinate with a gathering of experienced and potential scientists from everywhere throughout the scientific world.

The Guest Editor has a best scope to expose scientific world to be promoted as Honorable Editor of the respective Journal.

The Guest Editor can contribute 1 article for free in his own Special Issue.

We will provide the Certificate of Honor to the Guest Editor.

Thanks from SciRes Literature after the Special Issues are completed successfully.

Guest Editor Responsibilities

The Guest Editor should organize a review team to perform the review process for the articles submitted to the Special Issue.

The Guest Editor should promote his Special Issue and suggest and invite authors for article contribution.

The Guest Editor should cross-check the articles, assures their quality and makes a judgment on the acceptance or rejection of the articles.

Propose your Special Issue

Special Issue is a valuable approach to draw attention to specific topics. Experienced researchers and practitioners are invited to propose, organize the innovative Special Issues topics based on their research interest and expertise.

A Special Issue proposal should comprise the below steps:

  • Journal Name (In which journal that you would desire to publish a Special Issue)
  • Special Issue Title
  • A brief biography of the guest editors with a focus on the expertise of the proposed special issue topic and the involvement in relevant communities.
  • Guest Editor (Including full name, telephone number, email address, affiliation information).
  • Mention the appropriate schedule, the major dates including paper submission, and acceptance notice, etc.
  • A brief summary (200-400 words) about your Special Issue.
  • If you have a sequence request of papers published in your Special Issue should provide a provisional paper listing of your Special Issue from potential authors, including author names, article titles. (Note: this is not required at proposal stage if not available).
  • A list of the reviewers of the special issue (reviewer names, links to their homepages and areas of expertise). It is mandatory that all related topics of the issue are covered by the reviewers.
  • A plan for the distribution and promotion of the special issue articles to attract quality submissions.
  • For Guest Editors, SciRes Literature will publish one article for free in his own Special Issue, and also 20% special discount for the rest articles in the Special Issue.
  • Note: Guest Editor must be the corresponding author for the article.
  • For Guest Editors and invited authors, we will provide 20% discount for their articles in the special Issue.
  • Kindly collaborate with us as Special Issue Guest Editor and propose your Special Issue to specialissue@scireslit.com
  • Please contribute your articles to the Special Issue through online platform: https://sciresliterature.org/submitManuscript.php