Why with Us

SciRes Literature Open Access publishes peer-reviewed journals. All of these journals offer immediate free access to the manuscripts. The open access policy of the journals intend at enhancing the visibility and ease of access of the published content and thus providing the beneficial research impact.

Why publish with SciRes Literature journals

  • Open Access Publishing: The most effective, quality and freely accessible Platform for publishing research work to increase visibility and higher citation rates.
  • Quality and Potential Expertise: world-class expertise to make sure peer-review process.
  • Scrupulous Editorial and Double Blind Peer-review: Assured immense quality and double blinded peer review process.
  • Swift Production Process: High prevalence of Publishing. Greater research effectiveness through early discussion of results. Cost saving and facility of tracking article.
  • Copyrights: Copyrights of the published Article remains with the corresponding authors.
  • Less Membership charges: Membership with more benefits and with less amount of fee.
  • Responsive Editorial Service: Fast, attentive and flexible editorial support.
  • Open access is a sustainable publication model: An open access fee covers the cost of the publication process to allow free and immediate access to the research published. Open access publication charges ensure transparency and allow publishers to compete to provide the best service at the best price. By coupling the cost of publication to research budgets, open access fees ensure that the publishing system can scale to cope with an ever increasing volume of research.
  • ScRes Literature Open Access supports several international archives and digital repositories, and encourages self-archiving by authors
  • Open publications have an increased visibility through different platforms
  • SciRes Literature is committed to maintaining high quality standards
  • Policymakers, educators, journalists and organizations around the globe trustworthy research published in SciRes journals. In 2017-2018, nearly 200 research articles were covered by various news sources.

Authors commit to make the data fully available, when at all possible. This enables validated and reproducible articles which increases the value of research.