Privacy Policy

Privacy statement summarizes why and what kind of personal information that Journal collects and the purposes for which the journal uses this information. The privacy statement is a commitment provided by Journal to its associates ensuring to oblige to an individual's right to privacy and protect their personal information.

WHAT- What information comes under collected Personal Information?
The personal information collected by Journal is for the purpose of processing and publishing the manuscripts submitted to us. The details that might entail personal information are listed below:

  • Name
  • Affiliations
  • Contact details
  • Postal address
  • Emails
  • Phone numbers
  • Fax numbers

Personal Information includes all the details mentioned above but is not limited to them. Other information we might collect are about education and skills, sector or industry, geographic location, social media accounts and your interactions with our website.
HOW- For what purposes does SciRes Journal use the collected information?
The usage of the personal information collected will be in accordance to this privacy statement. The purposes of data collection include:

  • Process and publish the academic journal.
  • Personalize the website for the authors.
  • Regulate the access to the website services for their associates.
  • Communicate with the associates and authors.
  • Sharing and transferring important information like invoices.

Data Security
We will ensure that your data stays protected by preventing the loss, misuse and alteration of your personal information through technological precautions. The sharing of your information with other parties, agents or sub-contractors will be according to this privacy statement, provided the data owners consent.
In addition to this, you agree to the disclosure of your information as much as required by the law for any legal proceedings in order to defend the legal rights.
Thus the data owners are obliged to provide accurate data and update any changes accordingly.
Contact Us
If you wish to clarify any details regarding the privacy statement, you can get in touch with us through mail: