Scholar Awards

SciRes Literature desires to provide several scholar awards to the Authors who have actively participated towards the growth of SciRes Literature and enhancing the scientific community.

SciRes Literature desires to provide support to scholars who have selected a career in the field of science by offering them with partial financial support during the period of their research.

Supports offered

  1. Awards are limited to a maximum of $700 for Junior Research Fellow (Young Scholar Award) and $900 for Senior Research Fellow (Senior Scholar Award).
  2. Awards are provided in every December and made once every year.
  3. Certificates are granted by Editor-in-Chief of respective scholarly Journals.
  4. Payments are prepared to the appropriate Research Scholar as specified on the budget in the application.

SciRes Literature recognizes the basic research work to incorporate a broad spectrum of studies on latest and innovative advancements in the areas of science and technology. The prominence for scholar awards in this category is on the discovery of innovative knowledge in a traditional laboratory but is not enclosed to it.

Time Period

Authors should complete publication of their articles in SciRes Literature Journals by end of the year i.e., by December 31 of the same year.

Eligibility conditions

The scholars will be eligible if they complete the following conditions before the date of Awards submission.

  1. Conduct research work on most recent advancements.
  2. Have contributed minimum of two manuscripts and one research should be compulsory.
  3. Be a member of SciRes Literature
  4. Actively participated in peer review system throughout the process of publication in that year.
  5. Scholar should be eligible for only one award in that year.

Young Scholar Awards

Eligibility for the Young Scholar Awards of SciRes Literature is following:

  • MD/PhD applicants should have minimum of 3 to 5 years of experience in their research

Senior Scholar Awards

Eligibility for the Senior Scholar Awards of SciRes Literature is following:

  • MD/PhD applicants should have minimum of 3 to 10 years of experience in their research


Scholars who are suitable to the above eligible criteria are informed prior to submission of Awards.

Application Process

SciRes Literature will accept the receipt of applications from the Scholars who are suitable to the above qualifications. Applicants should submit a letter of intent form in favor of eligible for submission of a complete proposal. The intent form should comprise of the following:

  • Letter of Intent form
  • Abstracts of proposed project/articles
  • curriculum vitae of Applicant

SciRes Literature will go through a preliminary review of the above mentioned materials to verify the eligibility and the suitability of the research category applied to. If further information is necessary, SciRes Literature will drop a mail to the applicants regarding awards announcement.

Scholar Award applications will be available only in early November for those applicants who submit a letter of intent successfully within the given deadline and are eligible for awards.

Evaluation, Selection process and Notification

The review of the scholar award applications is exclusively based on the merit and quality of the applicant. Only two awards will be granted per category (Young Scholar Award and Senior Scholar Award) per individual Journal.

Selected individuals will receive this award in mid December.

Award Conditions

Transfers: We will submit the Awards to the scholar to his or her institutional or through personal Bank details to transfer the award amount.

All transfer must be submitted to SciRes Literature Awards at who will work with the SciRes Literature to make final decisions.