The SciRes Literature desires to provide scholarships for students who are need of it. These scholarships can be utilized by the student/junior research fellows for presenting their original research works on the conferences organized or supported by SciRes Literature The students will also be given scholarships to publish their scientific articles in the SciRes Literature

The instructions

  • The scholarships are applicable to all students (Ph D scholars, graduates or post graduates).
  • Students can apply for scholarship only once in a year.
  • If the student wishes to publish his accepted scientific research content in the SciRes Literature open access journal, then he will be given the scholarship for only the same.
  • If the student wishes to present his research ideas at any SciRes Literature International conference and has his abstract accepted, then he will be given scholarship for only the same.
  • The student will, however, need to pay the article fee or he has to be registered with SciRes Literature conferences to become eligible to obtain the scholarship.
  • Students/junior research fellows can either select to apply for a waiver or a scholarship; if the student has applied for a waiver, then the application for the scholarship will not be accepted.
  • If, however, the application is rejected, the student can apply for a waiver.
  • If a student has a previous research published in the SciRes Literature open access journal, then he will be given more preference.
  • The scholarships are limited and the students are encouraged and reminded to apply at the earliest possible.

The scholarship application must enclose a cover letter with complete details about him/her. The cover letter should also contain the signature of the Head of Department or the Dean of the College or Institution. Also, the student must submit a recommendation letter from the staff members of the faculty that guarantees the merit of the student.